Usability improvements to the e-Science Central SDK


Because we have the original code used to create and package services in the desktop application, the level of risk in migrating to a web based system is greatly reduced. The fundamental focus of our development plan is to extract this service packaging code from our desktop application and deploy it as a server-side component in one of our application servers. The role of the web UI then becomes one of document management and editing – a scenario for which a great many open source tools and components already exist. The project will be undertaken by existing members of staff this removes the time necessary to recruit new staff and bring them up to speed.


Comments on: "Risk" (1)

  1. Thank you for putting this information together, and in particular for highlighting the existence of relevant open source tools. It is not that I want to argue that open source will solve all problems, but it seems to me that there are still too many projects that try to develop everything from scratch instead of using existing tools that can do the job as well or even better. I would assume another risk would be securing participation of the user community, but as you have outlines below your users seem willing to engage with the project. I am looking forward to reading about the progress with interviews and collecting user feedback.

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