Usability improvements to the e-Science Central SDK

The project is sub-divided into five work packages outlined below. There interactions are illustrated in the figure below and then timelines presented in the figure after that.

WP1: Analysis of current system

1a) User Trials: Trials of the current software system, both as part of this project and from previous work will be used to analyse the key requirements for this project.

1b) Analysis of interface (4 people)

WP2: Server Side Design and Implementation

2a) Evaluation of Tools for server side

2b) Design of server side

2c) Development of server side implementation

WP3: Client Side User Interface

3a) Design of Client Side User Interface

3b) Development of ‘novice’ User Interface

3c) Development of ‘expert’ User Interface

WP4: Usability Assessment

4a) Month 0 Assessment (4 people)

4b) Month 3 Assessment (6 people)

4c) Month 5 Assessment (8 people)

WP5: Dissemination

5a) e-Science Central Workshop focused on developing your own workflow blocks

The interaction of these WPs can be seen in the following figure:

How the Work Packages Flow Together

The timelines for this are illustrated in the following Gantt chart:

Gantt Chart

The project will follow an agile development model with the key deliverables being direct consequences of the outputs from tasks T2.3, T3.2, T3.3 with all other tasks either aiding these tasks or dissemination.


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